A site visit is by far the best way of assessing the overall situation.

This allows me to discuss with you: -

  • Anti Smothering System
  • The Veranda Area
  • Flock Division Outside
  • The Boundary Fence
Once the agreed fence line is finalised I will give you a reasonably accurate price for the job.

If a site visit is not feasible, we can discuss your requirements by telephone. I will require you to send me a plan showing the hen house and fields involved. Supplied with the information as requested by phone should allow me to give you a reasonably accurate price for the job.

An example of a plan:

As I do not employ staff or use machinery, you are responsible for supplying and installing the wooden strainer posts.

Ideally they need to be 7" diameter by 8ft long - 4ft in and 4ft out! Knocked in is the best way.

I use galvanised stranded wire,as it is a lot quicker and easy to put up. It will not kink like solid wire and if it snaps a simple figure 8 knot is all that is needed. It can also be easily wound up and lifted if neccessary. Putting in a gate afterwards is a simple job.

Upon acceptance of my quotation, the goods will be delivered during the week before works begins. After I have erected the fence and tested it, only then will you be invoiced.

I allow you a good discount off the list price and you are only charged for the items used. No bagged quantities.

Order your Rappa products through me to get maximum advice and discounts

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